About LitUncorked and the Ladies Behind it

Creating a place where the indie publishing industry can come together because none of us deserved to be bottled up.

Yes, we’re UNCORKING the industry.

LitUncorked was started by best friends, Jennifer and Alyssa. They wanted a place where everyone in the book community felt like they belonged. 

A place where authors, bloggers, and industry professionals have a place where they can come for information and support from experienced professionals. And where readers can come find their next read and hopefully a new to them author.

Whether walking the crowds, standing in lines to meet authors, or even working the other side of the table, one thing remains, Jennifer and Alyssa want everyone to feel like they belong. They love the feeling when readers, authors, and book lovers alike connect—that everyone has a place in the book world. The idea for LitUncorked was born from this feeling of community. Jen and Alyssa believe in a positive outlook and inclusivity for all. Mean Girls need not apply.

Somewhere along the way, the strangers who went to book signings together became besties. And so did their children. Alyssa and her family moved across the street from Jen’s parents cementing their little family.

Through it all they remain avid book lovers.

Fun Facts About Jennifer

  • Has a Bachelor's degree in Criminology and Justice Studies from California State University San Marcos.
  • Has published 15 works
  • Stalked Alyssa for over a year before tricking her into going to the EL James signing with her at The Bookworm Box
  • Cut her teeth on Rebecca by Daphne du Maurier and the entire Goldy Schulz series by Diane Mott Davidson
  • Is named after a Barbra Streisand song
  • Puts ice in her wine

Fun Facts About Alyssa

  • Has a degree in Marketing and Communications from Stephen F. Austin State University
  • Learned Photoshop to make her own passive aggressive MySpace Layouts
  • Secretly loves cheesy romcom movies
  • Read the Fifty Shades Trilogy seven times in a row
  • Once aspired to be a high school chemistry teacher
  • Got her start in the industry in 2014 as a book blogger
  • Has been Kendall Ryan’s Executive Assistant for nearly 3 years
  • Addicted to audiobooks

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