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A Treacherous Trade

by Kerrigan Byrne
A Treacharous Trade

Fiona Mahoney chases Jack the Ripper from the shadows of Whitechapel into the most infamous brothels of Victorian London’s thriving sex trade, where secrets are exchanged as currency, and the bodies of murdered women leave a lethal trail to follow…

Standing in the ashes of her tragedy and laden with the secrets of the dead, Fiona seeks out the rough and relentless Inspector Grayson Croft to unburden her conscience. Before she can confess, Croft reveals the one thing that could dispel all thoughts of revelation.

Prostitutes are again being murdered, and a name is being whispered over their suggestively staged corpses. The name of the man who brutally slaughtered her childhood best friend. The name against which Fiona would sell her very soul for vengeance.

Jack the Ripper.

Only the promise of justice could entice Fiona to do something as reckless and daring as infiltrating the ranks of elite courtesans who accept the threat of violence as a nightly norm. She quickly learns that sin and scandal are powerfully compelling motives for murder, and that the secrets of the dead are sometimes worth keeping… if only to avoid becoming the next victim.

When the danger becomes too deadly to face alone, Fiona is forced to call upon old enemies and new friends including “the Hammer” a charismatic gangster, and “the Blade” an enigmatic assassin, and maybe even the Ripper, himself. Who better to help pursue a relentless evil than the devil you know?

Series: A Fiona Mahoney Mystery
Release Date: March 8, 2022

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