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Edge of Nowhere

by Freya Barker

Open roads and honor meets poke bowls and self-control

I’m a homesick nomad.
A protégé, a mountain man, an ally, and a seeker.

My name is Wapi.

I’m a work in progress looking to belong, and though my road has been a winding one, my heart has found focus.
I’m a straightlaced hellcat.
A princess, a fool, a target, and a handle.

My name is Lindsey.

I can lash out fiercely when wounded, but my claws retract and my love glows bright in the hands of the right man.
We got off on the wrong foot—hostility thick between us—but when murder hits close to home bringing about a second chance, those sparks now stoke a different flame.

Setting hearts on fire.

Series: Arrow's Edge MC
Release Date: February 5, 2024

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