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by Bethany Maines

Maverick Lacasse grew up with no parents, no pack, and no knowledge of his birthright as a Shifter wolf. Always on the outside and two steps ahead of the law, Maverick is only out for himself, but all that changes when he finds Deya Jasper strapped to a table in a vampire owned whorehouse in Littleton, Texas. Deya had no knowledge of the Supernatural world right up until her step-father sold her to vampires to cover his poker debts. But Deya can’t deny the terror she feels when she looks into the hungry eyes of the vampire madame who owns the brothel. When Maverick offers to help Deya escape in return for a tiny bit of help robbing the bank next store, she gladly agrees. But as the two head for California, vampires begin to dog their every step, and both Deya and Maverick find themselves questioning if the unexpected bond they feel can withstand the dangers they face.

Series: 3 Colors
Release Date: July 12, 2022
Tropes: Shifter

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