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Played Out

by L.M. Reid
Played Out

Never say never.

Except, that is the exact word the doctor used when he answered the question when will I be able to play football again?


Lost and wanting to be alone, I head back to my small hometown.

The house I buy needs a lot of work. And I need a purpose. What I don’t need is the mouthy woman next door who seems to hate me without reason.

Sadie is a single mom trying to rebuild her life after her husband left her. When he unexpectedly shows up in town, she tells him I’m her boyfriend. A part I am more than happy to play.

Stolen kisses, lots of laughs – the more we play this game the more I fall for her. The more I want this little act to be real.

Only problem is, Sadie says that will never happen.

I say, never say never.

Series: Making the Play
Release Date: March 4, 2022

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