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Rejecting the Sinner

by Hayley Faiman

She wasn’t his to have, wasn’t his to take. She ran to him anyway. He caught her when she fell, but she rejected him. She refused what he offered, determined to live her life as she wanted… free.

Freedom is nothing but an illusion.

Essie knows her lot in life. She dreads every second of what is to come. She panics when the time finally arrives for her father to marry her off. She runs. Sprinting toward a stranger in a dark sedan, running toward a fate unknown.

Has she made the biggest mistake of her life?

Arseny Sidorov has changed the path of his life more than once, and he’s just done it again. This time, permanently. She goes by the name Essie. The eighteen-year-old is too young, too beautiful, and far too naive for him. The biggest hurdle is that Arseny rarely does what he’s told to do, and when it comes to Essie, he is no different.

One decision, one choice, or even one rejection can change the path of someone's life. She craves her freedom. He only knows how to control. When the pull is too much, can they both completely change the course of their lives and come together, or will they be doomed to desire from afar?

Series: Underworld Sinners
Release Date: September 8, 2022

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