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Saving His Fated Mate

by Marie Mason
Saving His Fated Mate

Cooper was a tortured bear shifter, fighting desperately against his instincts and refusing to accept his mate. He’d long ago accepted that he was damaged goods; that his past had left him too scarred and messed up to be of use to anyone, especially his mate. But the curvy woman was the embodiment of everything good and right. Her bright eyes seemed to call to him, beckoning him to accept what he knew he had to resist. When he learns another bear has been harassing her, his protective instincts won’t let him walk away. Hell, who was he kidding? His bear would tear the man to shreds if he didn’t claim her.

The moment he stepped into the diner Emma sensed the darkness in Cooper. She knew she’d be better off steering clear of the big, grumpy bear. But something made her wish he’d look her way.

Series: Believing in Magic
Release Date: April 19, 2023
Tropes: Shifter

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