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Should I Tell You?

by Jill Mansell
Should I Tell You

You can always count on Jill Mansell for a feel-good read that makes you smile! You won't want to miss her brand-new story, filled with:

  • Effervescent, snappy writing that sticks with you
  • Hilarious hijinks that are so endearing and so embarrassing
  • A tight-knit family who'd do anything for each other
  • Misunderstandings, conclusions jumped to, secrets and revelations that will keep you guessing

Amber Nicholls, Lachlan McCarthy, and Raffaele Wright would normally have absolutely nothing in common. But growing up as foster kids in Teddy Penhaligon's seaside home has forged a bond tighter than glue. Each one has messes in life to deal with, but when they get the news that Teddy's met someone while on vacation, they'll do anything to protect him from a presumed gold-digger—even if they have to save him from himself first.

But how can they guide their foster father when they can barely get a grip on their own lives? It's all a madcap jumble as secrets are shared, hearts are changed, and a single summer becomes a season of endless possibility.

Release Date: July 5, 2022

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