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Stripped by the Sinner

by Hayley Faiman

Once we are stripped away, can we be rebuilt, reborn, or renewed? Are we destined to live the life that we are sold into?

Isabel Garin was given to a man when she was just a teenager. He doesn’t love her. She can’t stand him. She is nothing except his possession—unseen, unheard, and thankfully unfollowed when she leaves home.

Ruslan Zaitsev has always wanted to be a Torpedo. He loves his position in the Bratva. But when he’s sent to Northern California, his new Pakhan gives him a duty, a whole club to run. It's work he’s done before, but he’s bound and determined to make the absolute best of it, even if it’s not exactly what he loves.

She is owned by another. Contracted. He is a Torpedo with a weekend side job. She could die for sneaking around with him. He’s not sure he wants forever with her.

Schemes can cost men and women their lives, but they can also save people’s lives. With nothing but death and destruction in their path, will Ruslan and Isabel be able to make their relationship work?

Series: Underworld Sinners
Release Date: July 25, 2022

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