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The Art of Dying

by Jamie McGuire
The Art of Dying

A beautifully crafted contemporary romance from #1 New York Times bestselling author Jamie McGuire.

Karen “Mack” Mackenzie is just beginning to live again after her nightmarish relationship with Mason Hughes, one that left her far from home and carving a path forward while looking over her shoulder. Now residing in the Boston suburb of Quincy, her southern sass sets her apart, instantly drawing the attention of local hometown hero, Terrell Kitsch.

A Marine Second Lieutenant on a thirty-day leave, Kitsch has returned to Massachusetts to breathe new life into his childhood home. A few days after his arrival, he manages to fall hopelessly in love with the first girl to slap some sense into him. Just a month later, he must report to his station at Camp Pendleton. Unable to live with the thought of leaving Mack behind when her past could catch up with her at any moment, a proposal is on the tip of his tongue.

An impulsive wedding leads to a marriage that defies odds, as Kitsch and Mack navigate his assignment to a special operations unit. His job was straightforward: to live to fight another day. But the real war begins when a shadow from Mack’s past darkens their doorstep, and Kitsch is faced with the agonizing task of protecting his family in the only way he can to ensure their safety.

This enthralling love story spans two decades, captivating readers with unrepentant sacrifice, relentless suspense, undeniable passion, and unwavering loyalty and trust, one that survives fear, distance—and even death.

Series: Crash and Burn
Release Date: July 18, 2023

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