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The Summer of Christmas

by Juliet Giglio & Keth Giglio
The Summer of Christmas

July is a great time to celebrate Christmas! Don't miss this adorable romcom from Hollywood screenwriters who bring you into the wild world of making those TV Christmas movies:

  • A hopeful LA screenwriter behind the scenes of her first exciting successful film
  • A dramatic face-to-face with her first love—who broke up with her five years ago at Christmastime (the jerk!)
  • The magic, mystery, and hijinks of making a Christmas movie—in the middle of summer!
  • A second chance for everyone to get things right, finally

Up-and-coming LA screenwriter Ivy Green is about to have her life turned upside down. Her movie, based on her and her high school sweetheart, Nick Shepherd, is being filmed in her hometown. In the middle of summer, during the month of July, the production crew creates a winter wonderland Christmas.

Nick is less than thrilled to see Ivy after all this time. Especially because in her movie version of their relationship, she kills his character off. To complicate matters, Ivy isn't sure of her relationship with the producer, the town is overflowing with movie stars and adoring fans, and worst of all—the actress playing Ivy develops a crush on the real Nick! Now, with renewed and confusing feelings about Nick, Ivy is determined to see if there is anything left between them, but in the end, Ivy will need to re-write her life script to finally get everything she ever wanted.

Release Date: July 5, 2022

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