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Trial by Fire

by M.E. Carter
Trial by Fire

Chemistry this explosive won’t stay hidden for long…

Hotel heiress Prestyn Caine is fed up with men, with her job, with her life. From banging on the glass ceiling, to being catfished, to having to work with the world’s most misogynistic boss, her trust in the opposite sex is non-existent. And yet, loneliness keeps creeping in.

Professional goalie Nick Williams knows the limelight comes with the job but hates it all the same. People either want something from him or want to use him on their way to the top. Dating just doesn’t seem worth it, no matter how nice it would be to be able to trust someone.

Despite a tumultuous beginning, Prestyn and Nick discover a secret, no-strings-attached situation might be the perfect set up for them both.

As long as they can keep their feelings in check, it doesn’t matter that the chemistry between them is hot enough to melt ice, right?

Series: Florida Glaze Hockey
Release Date: July 28, 2022

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