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Whiskey Smoke

by Abbi Glines
whiskey smoke

Wealth, power, and privilege have always been a part of Levi Shephard’s life. However, it comes at a price. The darkness that surrounds being born into a family of organized crime has always kept him at a distance when it came to relationships. He only hooked up with women who understood the game and played along.

Born with a heart defect, Aspen Chance has been sheltered and raised by her religious grandmother. When her grandmother passes away, Aspen is left with no family- except her older sister who her grandmother had believed was headed straight for Hell.

Deep down Aspen hopes to reconnect with her sister while also being given the chance to experience more of life. Leaving the only home, she’d ever known behind she moves to Ocala, Florida to live with her sister. It doesn’t take her long to realize her sister was going to shelter her even more than her grandmother had.

One of the strippers that Levi enjoys occasional hook ups with is killed one night while a fight breaks out in the club. He might not have been able to prevent her death but he could save her younger sister. Aspen was everything her sister had claimed: young, naïve, and sheltered. When he realizes she’s also not well and has no one to protect her- he takes on the role.

What he swore was only a friendship in which he would make sure Aspen had everything she needed- he hadn’t expected her to end up sleeping in his bed due to her night terrors, or trusting him when it came to her health care and he sure as hell hadn’t been prepared when she wanted to experience pleasure. Meeting her needs takes on a whole new twisted meaning that he fears could destroy them both.

Series: Smoke Series
Release Date: August 27, 2023

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