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Wolf in the Shawdows

by Maria Vale
wolf in the shadows

Maria Vale's new book in the award-winning Legend of All Wolves series is packed full of action, heat, and wild wonder!

  • A hero with a haunted past
  • A shifter heroine with a lot to learn about being part of the Pack
  • Dark secrets that could destroy everything they love
  • Fantasy-level world building and epic romance—the new werewolf standard

Julia Martel was once a spoiled young shifter surrounded by powerful males who shielded her from reality. Now she is a prisoner of the Great North Pack, trusted by no one and relegated to the care of the pack's least wolf, the Omega, Arthur Graysson—the only wolf who has shown her kindness. Every day with Arthur opens Julia to the harsh wonder of Pack life and to a bond unlike any she's ever known. But when the Pack is threatened, Julia must confront a legacy of doubt and insecurity. Only then can she lay claim to the power and fierceness that is her birthright. Only then can she protect the wolves she has grown to love. And especially Arthur, who is immensely powerful in his own quiet way.

Series: The Legend of All Wolves
Release Date: July 26, 2022
Tropes: Shifter

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